Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta successfully hosted 2023 Youth Summer Camp

Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta successfully concluded its 2023 summer camp at Kennesaw State University’s Marietta campus from July 9th to 15th! The on-campus summer camp was greatly loved by parents and students, and this year’s camp involved a total of 105 participants, including students, teachers, counselors, volunteer teachers, and a camp physician. The camp’s well-organized activities kicked off on July 9th. The curriculum for this year’s summer camp included traditional sports like diabolo, craft classes, and lessons on ethnic classical dance.

In addition to the scheduled classes, various team activities and competitive games were exciting and brought the campers together, teaching them teamwork, cooperation, and care for each other. The KSU campus was brimming with the vibrant energy brought by the campers. The closing ceremony took place on the morning of July 15th at 10:30 am. Officers of the Overseas Community Affairs Council and the Chairman of the Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta, Ting Chiu, were invited as guests. Their enthusiastic speeches greatly encouraged and motivated the campers. Students from different age groups showcased their talents in gymnastics, drama, dance, and diabolo, demonstrating the traditional cultural skills they learned during the summer camp to the guests and parents. Diabolo teacher Guo Lingling from Taiwan also performed at the ceremony, garnering applause from the audience. Some parents were moved to tears witnessing the positive changes in their children.

Principal Edith Bell expressed in her speech that the Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta will live up to expectations and continue to prepare for next year’s summer camp, carrying on this tradition. She expressed gratitude for the generous donations from some companies and hoped that the school would continue to receive support and assistance from parents and the community. This 7-day, 6-night summer camp, like last year, had a camp physician on-site. With the physician present at the camp, the stress of handling emergencies and sudden medical situations for the entire camp was alleviated, making parents feel more at ease!