Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta Faculty & Staff

蔡仲彥 老師

Chung Yen Tsai

A12 and B2

書法/國畫 Calligraphy 

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I have 30+ years of experience teaching. I use speech, song, listening comprehension, writing in order to let students learn Chinese in a joyful way. My students and I enjoy our time and will work together to learn. My students care for each other and help each other throughout class. With a good attitude towards learning, my students learn and progress quickly. “

許良禎 老師

Liang-Jen Hsu


會話 Conversation

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​I had the Master of Fine Art degree from Rochester Institute of  Technology, Rochester, NY. I used to work as an Interior and Graphic Designer over 15 years. After I had two lovely kids, then I start to be an Art Instructor of Georgia Perimeter College, Art Teacher of Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy and Art Teacher of Arts & Crafts Class / Chinese Culture School for the past 10 years. Recently, I will teach A2 Chinese class of CCS. I use song, story, creative drawing and game to teach Chinese. All students will have fun to learn. Also parents will fully participate with all class activities and home works. It will keep students consistency learning Chinese not only in school but also at home.


洪明君 老師

Amanda Hong


沈宇蘋 老師

Yu Ping Shen

A8 and A3


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I am a native Mandarin speaker from Taipei, Taiwan and a mom of 3 kids, ages 10, 7 and 3. I majored in Social Work from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and mastered in Media Arts at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. My family publishing company background had trained me to speak and write Chinese precisely. I believed that a mother is the first teacher of her children so I’ve read different education theories. I also believed that different kids need different learning methods.

I’ve taught my kids to read Chinese since they were born and they ALL love it. I would love to share my enthusiasm of learning Mandarin with young kids or beginners through various activities such as rhymes, kids’ songs and hands on activities. Homeschooling my children has taught me a lot in terms of keeping their interests, increasing their attention span, and honing their handwriting.

If you are interested in letting your kids learning Chinese, please come try our Chinese phonic class. This phonic system has been proven to promote better recognition and pronunciation. These letters were inspired from the Chinese characters, so students will feel familiar as they learn to read Chinese characters. In this perspective, writing Chinese will be like playing puzzle instead of drawing non-sense.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Tradition Chinese reserve the most beautiful and meaning parts of this language. If you’ve decided to go for it, why not get the solid foundation from the beginning?
Growing up in a Christian family, I value each kid as a wonderful creation from God. I really appreciate that God has given me this opportunity to come along side your child to help them learn Chinese.

安幼敏 老師

Anne An

A7 and B6

阮敏如 老師

Min-Ju Juan

A6 and B4 兒童初學

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Ms. Juan is currently a Chinese teacher at Chinese Cultural School and a public school. She has more than twenty years of teaching experience. Ms. Juan’s areas of specialization include differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners and employing innovative technologies that enable 21st century skills to engage and motivate students. She is also experienced in assign curriculum and lesson plans. Ms. Juan holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the Ohio State University.

張化禮 老師

Hua-Li Chang

A5  and Pinyin

劉淑慧 老師

Sherry Liu


陳慧名 老師

Crystal Kreiner


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These were Schools I’ve had the privileges in giving instructions in mandarin prior to year 2022


14 classes daily 15 minutes / session

Star Child Academy Lake Mary FL

2009-2011 Language Immersion School in Celebration FL

I had taught there full-time, students from age 2-6 mandarin.

2010-2011 OCPS  Language Art – Mandarin

middle school learners who are taking AP 

High School Students G9-G12 with mandarin as their electives.

The textbook used was written in simplified font Mandarin

2018-2019 Spring Semester

Westminster PCA Atlanta

Youth Ministries Wednesday Bible Studies Weekly

40 minutes instructional 

Chinese Word in Chinese Bible

何佩君 老師

Peggy Ho

B1 and ZuYing 注音班


Peter Liu

古典吉他 Classic Guitar


陳小燕 老師

Hsiao Yen Chen

美術與勞作 Art and Crafts

蔡漢民 老師

Han Min Tsai

桌球 Table Tennis

謝國維 老師

Kwok Tse

象棋 Chinese Chess

林丞瑄 老師

Sophie Lin

程式設計 Coding I


林丞宇 老師

Keefer Lin

程式設計 Coding II

布蘭登·祖拉夫斯基 老師

Brandon Zurawski

寫作 Creative Writing

陸定芳 老師

Chris Lu

功夫 Kung Fu

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I have training various martial arts with over 15 years do experience in, Savate, Muay Thai, Sanda, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I competed in Sanda and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

I taught kids Jeet Kune Do and adults kickboxing for over 10 years. I am delighted to share sharing my experiences and the lessons learned with the community. 

章熙誠 老師

Dr. David Chang

Math I, II, III


林香蘭 校長

Edith Bell - Principal

夏忠菁 副校長

Ching Hsia - Assistant Principal


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Teaching is my passion. I am currently teaching Chinese every Saturday and Sunday. As for rest of the week, I work as a medical interpreter. I teach all levels from basic pinyin to advance Chinese. I have been teaching from 2005 and witnessed my students growing up from a child to an adult, going to college and into the real world. Seeing how my students progressed to a future leader in the society, makes me certain that this is where I belong. I am proud of my students and work with them to push their limits. Lastly, I love DOGS! 

周欣欣 副校長

Ching Hsia - Assistant Principal